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Cuma belajar kalau ada memberi saran....tetap diterima
Update kedepan free....tidak dipungut biaya...

terserah mau write SFI/JAVA ----SFI DAN JAVA

Download :


Milik Pribadi....File Besar tidak kuat upload
lain kale saja

Indoflasher-English Team

GPGDragon Firmware 1.60C upgrade!!!

This Firmware update Add Mstar Boot+ auto Pinfind Support
(before the firmware 1.60B only Support Boot- auto pinfind)

More Fast Pinfind Mstar Mobile after update to 1.60C

Click Download Firmware 1.60C

Repair Box firmware for Upgrade failure user only!!!

some people face After update firmware box no working
or In the process of upgrading interrupt

have a easy way fix this

run the gpgdraogn Ver 1.60

tick the "Emergency upgrade"

short GPGDragon Box VCC and GND(red and black connect)

input USB cable to Computer

select Box comport in the firmware upgrade tool and click upgarde

if this way can't fix your box,please try Repair with Desk computer

I think you are will wait my GPGDragn V3 More update!!!

next week it will be come

1.add the 8533D\8532 32MB flash Support
2.add Mstar 8533N(NAND) Flash Support
(read flash\write flash\Unlock...)
3. MTK Function add MTK 6252 and 6255 Full Support...
4. and More....

so please wait it finish...and I will First time put the update in here

reserved for GPGDragon V3 New update

mstar 8532 Full Support by GPGDragon V3 software

mstar-m680 8532 16MB flash Full Support

Mstar 8533N NAND Flash Success with GPGDragon V3 (Before 2012-8-1 Will release this update)

MTK 6252 Working with GPGDragon New update!!!


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